FurFrenz© stems from our passion for our own pets and the role they play in our family. We have fun with our pets and have always included them in our family antics, often dressing them up as characters.

We created FurFrenz© to achieve three main goals. One: to exhibit our LOVE for our pets. Two: to SHARE this with others and Three: to CARE, to create a community of like minds and support our favourite pet causes.

As we developed FurFrenz© we laughed a lot and we realised our pets are an experience in our lives. That inspired us to make the FurFrenz© community an experience, a journey, something truly unique, like our pets. So come on, take the journey with us!

So today, we work with you to understand your own pet, its special character and we aim to capture this for you in a truly unique and individually crafted style. All FurFrenz © characters are individually designed by our artists.