Meet Stormy Mckibben – cute, silly & Loveable

Stormy came into my life 4 years ago When I was Dating My Husband. After she was born I fell in love with her. I would take her into mine and my Husband’s room All the Time and I would keep telling My husband How Much I loved her and wished I could keep her.

My Husbands Family were giving away Stormy’s Sisters and brothers and when it got down to Stormy and her Brother I got scared because I didn’t want to lose Stormy, especially since My Husband was telling me they were giving away Stormy.

Well her brother got taken and I fully believed Stormy was going as well, well turns out My Husband had tricked me him and his mom saw how in love with Stormy I was and My Husband ended up giving me Stormy to keep :’) and I’ve had her since.

She’s been with me for four years now. My husband and I were just dating then we are married now and Stormy is still with us. She is My Beautiful Silly Cat and I love her more than anything in the entire world.

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